...Because your demeanour precedes you

A professional demeanour is essential for establishing trust, credibility and respect. It is the cornerstone of maintaining a professional image.

Your demeanour will influence the way you communicate. Understanding good communication is imperative to your success. You will need to communicate to give instructions, obtain information, ask questions, relate an idea and contribute in a multitude of other ways.

Your demeanour will impact the level of business etiquette and the behaviours you display at work. These attitudes can affect the speed of your progress in the workplace, as they will impact your professional image.

Here are some of the benefits of completing this course…

  1. Gain insight on how to influence using all forms of communication
  2. Discover powerful behaviours and how to use them to succeed
  3. Know all the dos and don’ts for demonstrating proper business etiquette

Your demeanour alone can be the reason you excel in the workplace and become an inspiration to others.

Complete this course to become indispensable by perfecting your communication, etiquette and attitude!

All our courses are presented in a concise way to minimise the time you need to spend learning. We do not over explain points just to bulk out course content. You get all the required knowledge for your success… in a no-fluff, no-fuss version.

The content in this course is also available in the course - Achieving Professional Excellence.

All courses by The Institute for Achievement and Excellence have been written with a commitment to the United Nations Global Goals #4 Quality Education and #5 Gender Equality.
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"Such relevant tips to apply in today’s world. I found the topic that covered courage, confidence and charisma to be an eye opener. I never looked at it from that angle before. I will be implementing the techniques in this course."

- Janine -

My name is Elizabeth and I will be your instructor for the courses by The Institute for Achievement and Excellence.

During my career of 30 plus years, I have worked with a multitude of global companies initiating change at a senior level. I continue to help many people in their journey to success...


Customer reviews and testimonials
"I like the perspective on the behaviour topic. Very unique approach and helpful examples."

- Arther -

Get ready to make an impact!

Today is the day, in fact, this MOMENT this is the very moment when you get to decide... 

You can stay as you are. Doing nothing differently, feeling frustrated in your current situation and not knowing what you can do to change it. I think we both know how that will eventually end. And it’s not happy.


You can take control and get the techniques to perfect your communication, etiquette and attitude to become indispensable at work. Improve Your Demeanour to Win New Opportunities, can take you from confused to clear in 1 week, so you don’t have to waste years learning from trial and error. 

I think we both know which choice is the better option.

Now you can always have the answer to questions such as… ‘How can I communicate better to influence others?’ or ‘What is the correct etiquette to display at meetings and during business meals?’ or even, ‘Which behaviours should I use to make a powerful impact at work (or anywhere)?’

You are the one who gets to reap the rewards.

What’s included:

  • Video content on each topic, packed with valuable, no-fluff information for quick learning
  • Quizzes to help with your understanding to ensure you are ready for more fantastic content
  • Pdf downloads to progress offline so you can easily continue your awesome transformation
  • Activities to apply your knowledge so you will personally experience the amazing results
  • Tips to improve your current situation and make your goals an achievable reality
  • And much more…

+ Free BONUS topic:

  • How to make your meetings count. Use your meetings to create an impact and get the job done!

Which decision will you make?

Customer reviews and testimonials
"I have always admired people who show the appropriate etiquette. The entire course was great and I particularly like the parts on displaying the proper etiquette at the table and in meetings. I learned so much in this one course. Thank you!"

- Chrissy -

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All courses by The Institute for Achievement and Excellence have been written with a commitment to the United Nations Global Goals #4 Quality Education and #5 Gender Equality.